Filippa at the Wildhood Foundation is comparing different donation platforms

Filippa Tarras-Wahlberg, representing the Wildhood Foundation, conducted a comprehensive evaluation of four potential suppliers, including Octany, Nets Easy, Donorbox, and Kindful. Her research led to the selection of Octany as the preferred platform.

Wildhood's list of requirements was as follows:
  • A donation system for one-time and monthly donations
  • A quick start with a long-term solution
  • A system that requires minimal manual work
  • A Swedish solution with Swedish payment methods that also supports English
  • A payment plan that supports the growth of a charitable organization.

Multiple payment solutions under the same roof

Having multiple payment solutions under the same roof was a deciding factor for us. This is what led us to choose Octany. The inclusion of direct debit as part of their offering was particularly appealing. We believe that offering a comprehensive Swedish package with payment solutions, language and currency that our Swedish donors are familiar with, adds significant value.

Set up payment intervals

Having the freedom to set up campaigns and control the different payment intervals is important to us, as it adds to our flexibility

Integration & support

For us, it was important to have a solution that is both quick to implement and scalable. It had to be user-friendly and not overly complicated. It's reassuring to have a Swedish donation platform with easily accessible support, so we always have someone to turn to with questions.

Filippa's thoughts on using Octany for over a year - how does she feel about her choice?

– I check Octany as much as my bank account. Together with the campaigns we're running, we're getting more and more donors and steadily growing. That's probably what makes Octany so fun to use - seeing through the activity feed how we're growing

Filippa Tarras-Wahlberg, Founder and CEO, Wildhood Foundation