The subscription platform – Recurring payments via smartphone with Swish, credit card, invoice or SEPA

Recurring billing management made easy

Every company from the music industry to the local gyms prefer customers that pay on a monthly basis. Growth in the future will come from subscriptions.

Born in the Subscription economy

Octany is a secure, scalable platform born into the new subscription ecosystem. Octany handles the whole customer's lifecycle. Install and add your own branding.

Your customers will be able to sign up, renew, pause, upgrade or change their subscriptions. The best thing is that they are free to choose any payment method: bank, credit card, Swish, SEPA. Octany will gather all the different payments in one stream. Be in control of your revenue stream is this easy.

This is how it works

The Swedish Childhood Diabetes Fund wanted more monthly donors and at the same time simplifying their donation management.

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Recurring revenue metrics
All customers in one place
Activity trail
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