Technical documentation

Here you can find the technical documentation for Octany, which describes how the Octany Widget can be embedded on a website, as well as more advanced integrations with our API and webhooks.

Embed Octany on a website

You can retrieve a ready-made code snippet by logging in to Octany, going to Products, and selecting "Embed on website".

You can copy the code snippet that appears on the screen into an HTML field in your website tool.

For those who want to, it is possible to customize the widget code. Read more about it in the Widget documentation.


Via the Octany API, data on subscriptions and customers can be retrieved. Go to the API documentation for more information.


When something happens in the system, such as when a new subscription starts, Octany can send a webhook to your system. Go to the Webhook documentation for more information.


We provide a Sandbox environment that can be used to build an integration. Then all you have to do is change the URL and go live. Use the form below to get your own sandbox.

Can I connect Octany with another system?

Octany has webhooks, which means you can easily connect Octany to over 3000 of the largest apps and platforms today.

You can also connect Octany to a system and have a two-way exchange between Octany and your system through our API.

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