Mors dag kampanj mot sexuellt våld

Mother's Day campaign against sexual violence

We asked a few short questions to Saga Åkerman, who is in charge of fundraising at Storasyster.

Why did you create this Mother's Day campaign?

We want to raise awareness about sexual violence through this campaign. By giving a Mother's Day gift to Storasyster in honor of someone in your life, we all contribute to helping those who have been subjected to sexual abuse.

What was it like to create the campaign using Octany?

It was very easy to create a new product for the campaign, so that we can differentiate the gifts that come in through the campaign, the Mother's Day gifts, and those who make a one-time gift for other purposes during the period.

Then we could also easily add a link to the thank-you page I created on our website, where donors go directly after giving a gift. On the thank-you page, they can download their digital gift certificate.

As an administrator, I can create a product for the campaign myself and then follow up with donors and evaluate the campaign in a clear and simple way, which I appreciate

You recently switched to Octany for your fundraising. How did you collect money before, and how do you feel it's working now?

Previously, we collected money through donors using Swish or by giving a gift directly to our bank account. But then we couldn't have any communication with the donors because we didn't get their personal information. Donors also didn't have the opportunity to give a gift directly on our website, which can make it difficult for donors to make a contribution.

Before we used Octany, it was not possible to become a monthly donor to Storasyster, which was something we wanted to enable. We evaluated several different options and solutions before we finally chose Octany.

I really appreciate how easy it is with Octany. It's the same for our donors. We no longer get questions from donors about how it works, which shows how smooth it is. These are the three main things that have become so much easier:

  1. Administration of gifts becomes easy and efficient for the staff at Storasyster.
  2. It is easy and manageable for donors to give a one-time gift or become a monthly donor.
  3. It is easy to create a good donor journey through Octany.

Is there anything else you would like to add regarding Octany?

Yes, I would like to mention something that I appreciate extra much with Octany. I feel that our contact person at Octany cares and values that our donors get an optimal experience. Such things mean a lot.

Read more about the campaign on and contribute.