Recurring donations made easily

Octany simplifies the payment process for donors and frees up your team's time to focus on expanding your marketing efforts. Ideal for non-profit organizations seeking an intuitive payment flow.

Full overview of your donors

Octany makes it easy to add payment methods and manage your non-profit's donors in one place, regardless of payment method. You get comprehensive reports on all payments, and your donors can choose the best payment method for them at any moment. With a fully digital platform, Octany saves your team time on administrative tasks so you can focus on growing your donor base. 

  • Credit Card payments
  • Swish payments
  • Autogiro
  • Invoice

All in one place.

Start today

Octany enables you to create separate products for monthly donors, one-time donations, memberships, fundraising campaigns, sponsorships, and more, no matter what your organization needs to raise funds for. With Octany, you can set up your fundraising initiatives quickly and be up and running within an hour.

Easily check your bottomline

A surprising number of organizations have no way to easily segment their funds into each cause. Instead all funds are lumped together, which raises a huge administrative demand. With the ease of creating fundraising products within Octany, you can get ready-made segmented reports so you easily can tick off every donation. No need to be an economic detective.

Own your data

Octany is your technical supplier, adding to your existing contracts. We handle the technical aspects of charging your donors, leaving you in control of your data and contracts. Unlike other suppliers who gatekeep your data and donors, we're here to help you grow your donor base.

Built from customer needs

"It feels safe and good to work with you. These reports are exactly what I need to show to our CPAs and collection control. The result that came corresponds to my high expectations. We have received the absolute fastest and smoothest payment solution."


A donor's perspective

Octany is a powerful platform for fundraizing organisations. Watch our pre-recorded demo that highlights two of Octany's most powerful features. Also get a glimpse of how Octany looks like from a donor's perspective. 

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Our technically savvy team of designers, strategists, and developers has been building Octany since 2017. We're constantly updating and improving our platform to provide more value to our customers. With Octany, you can take control of your income streams from donors, members, and customers.

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